Are your dishes food safe?

Yes. I fire my stoneware clay to 2250 degrees. This means that the clay is vitrified (fired to its most mature state) and is no longer brittle or porous. Glazes are lead free.

Can we run the dishes through a dishwasher?

Yes. Since these are fired so high, the density of the clay is higher, which means they can handle the heat of a home dish washer, and a microwave.

Pieces arrived broken, what do I do?

Receiving broken work is no fun. Please send me an email of the broken work and I will get replacements sent to you ASAP.

I am unhappy with my pieces, can I return them?

Sorry you were unhappy with your piece. I am happy to replace any work you are unhappy with. If you would like to return the piece for a refund, you may do so, but I do NOT pay for return shipping. 

I am interested in a registry, can we order from you?

I would love to make you dishes for your registry. Send me an email describing what you would like. From there I will curate a catalogue that you can link to an online invite write my domain out. Guests will have the ability to purchase from your registry and have sent to your home. 


I selected local pickup, when can I get my piece(s)? 

Send me an email to arrange a time to pick up the work. If I do not hear from you within 2 weeks, I will presume you will not be picking up the piece(s) and your order will be marked as fulfilled with no refund.